Student Voice: [CRPS] ‘Various opportunities allowing us to explore our "hidden" abilities’

Tran Vi Khanh from Vietnam

College of Policy Science, CRPS Major, 2nd year student

Scholarship received: MEXT Scholarship

Why did you choose RU and the Community and Regional Policy Studies Major (CRPS)?

I have numerous reasons for choosing Ritsumeikan University. The first is the study program, as I love to be a researcher, a policymaker, and work in NGOs/ NPOs. I went over the whole four-year curriculum and double-checked every topic, and I believe the curriculum is superior to those of other rival colleges around the country. Also, I love the facilities at Ritsumeikan, as they can help me improve my studying procedures.

About your studies...

Outline your courses and studies. Give us an overview of your studies and course schedule from the 1st year to now.

In the first year, we are required to study Japanese intensively, with six classes per week. This is not only a challenge but also an opportunity for us to enhance our abilities and get used to life here. After that, we have a lot of vision building and introductory lectures, allowing us to explore our "hidden" abilities. We are free to choose what we like, feel interested in, or are even not confident about. However, I have to say that the curriculum at Ritsumeikan is a bit demanding and requires us to concentrate 100% of our abilities. Learner-centered education and personalized learning are keys that need students' active roles in the classroom. 

Can you describe your class choices for the previous semester/next semester?

Last semester, I took a lot of courses related to art, music, and even film production. Besides that, academic writing and some computing classes are also my priority. At Ritsumeikan, we have various opportunities to study what we like and pursue the most suitable path. I think our lives can be better if we learn something we love because we can show our passion through our work, and it gives us the drive to give our best effort.

Message in English

“When you really want something, the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it!”

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