Student Voice: [CRPS] ‘Tips to Enjoy Campus Life to the Fullest’

Tran Khanh Linh from Vietnam

College of Policy Science, CRPS Major, 2nd year student

Scholarship received: MEXT Scholarship

How is your life at RU, Japan? Do you do any circle activities or any other activities within or outside RU?

As I am living in a dormitory of the school, OIC International House, I have the opportunity to interact a lot with international students majoring in CRPS, RM students (mostly Japanese students helping international students in daily life or paperwork in Japan), or other Japanese students, as well as international graduate students and university students of other disciplines. People come from many regions as diverse as Asia or Europe, so the cultural exchange is very interesting. Living in the dormitory is also fun, with many activities, such as last November when we had a trip to Kyoto City. We also celebrate birthdays for members in the dormitory, have cultural exchange through dinner parties, and celebrate special occasions such as Christmas.

At school, I not only go to school but also participate in extracurricular activities and one of the school's clubs. Currently, I am a member of the Kansai Wall Street Club (277 members), with students from not only Ritsumeikan OIC but also other campuses and universities. Although because of Covid, we didn't have too many activities. Everyone still tried to maintain the school's rules such as wearing masks, social distancing, and I was also able to perform a few times.

I am also currently doing two part-time jobs on campus. I am working at the BBP (Beyond Borders Plaza) as a management staff member, and we hold cultural exchange and foreign language study events. I learnt a lot from doing English and Japanese translation, and creating plans or posters for events.


As for the library, I work as a library staff member and do jobs such as reorganizing books, managing the Peer Learning Room, and project activities such as making events and pamphlets. Recently, I also created the first English library tour for English-medium students, and I was glad that so many students came to support me.

Many students love staying up late at night. How do you balance your study and evening entertainment?

I used to study all night and could not balance my schedule. But after a period of time, I realized that having enough sleep is very important to effectively study.

My tip is to always note down and schedule your assignments and deadlines, plus study between classes throughout the day. It might sound weird, as between classes you should get some rest. However, I usually feel motivated after classes, so getting a rest for 15 minutes and then studying during the break times is very effective for me. Then in the evening, I take long breaks for entertainment, such as playing the piano, practicing dancing, or watching dramas.

Do you regularly eat in the cafeteria in the University? If so, what is your favorite dish? If you often eat the 100yen breakfast, how do you like it?

I love the food in the cafeteria. My favorite dish is onsen-egg with okra. I think it was voted as the favorite dish among students of OIC. I also love the 100yen breakfast as it gives me full energy for the whole day, and it is cheap. That's why I typically have a 100yen breakfast before classes and eat less at lunch, to save money! 

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