Student Voice: [GS] Shooting for the Moon at Ritsumeikan

Khanh Linh from Vietnam

College of International Relations,

Global Studies Major (GS), 2nd Year

Scholarships Received:

Tuition Reduction Scholarship,

Saionji Memorial Scholarship,

Japan Material Foundation Scholarship  

Whose advice impacted you the most to choose this university?

“In the process of choosing a university, I had consulted with my teacher, who knew a lot about Japanese universities. Things that worried me were the program quality and financial aid. After some discussions and research, I figured out RU is a good choice for its high-rankings and multiple scholarship chances.

At RU, I could get tuition reduction based on my academic performance. And later, I also received a one-year sponsorship from the Japan Material Foundation, thanks to RU's recommendation. This has helped my family financially and also encouraged me to continue the hard work.

Consulting with people who have experience can really help when it comes to such an important decision. However, I think each person has their own priorities, so you should really consider your own preferences as well. Some would choose the school for campus activities, modern facilities, or good career support. I highly recommend taking open-campus tours (if you have the chance) or finding videos and information about RU on the internet before you make up your mind.”

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