Student Voice: [GLA] Why I re-discovered myself at home

Natsuki M. Kamiya

College of Global Liberal Arts(GLA), 1st year

Grew up in US, and graduated from Nagoya International School, Japan

Why did you choose RU, GLA?

I chose Ritsumeikan for two reasons: Location and the Global Liberal Arts program (GLA).

The location of the OIC campus (Osaka Ibaraki Campus) is wonderful. It is close to historical sites in Kyoto (even closer if you go to the Kyoto campus!) and of course the convenience of shopping and transportation! (There's a shopping mall and 2 train stations within 1km from the OIC campus!) One big thing that lead to my decision was that Universal Studios Japan (USJ) is only an hour away from the campus.

The GLA program was the ultimate deciding factor for me personally. I wanted to study abroad in 2 countries during my 4 years of study at a university. Ritsumeikan's GLA program was of only a few programs that allowed me to do so.

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