Dual Degree Program with the ANU, College of Global Liberal Arts, Study in Australia

The College of Global Liberal Arts (GLA) is the first in Japan to provide a college-wide dual degree program in collaboration with the Australian National University (ANU).

Reasons to become a Global Liberal Arts (GLA) student:

- The program is designed to be flexible, suitable for students who have multiple interests and desire to explore their potential.

- Experience college life in both Japan (3 years) and Australia (1 year)

- Australian National University is No. 1 university in Australia and ranked 29th in the world

- World-class education with faculty and students from many countries around the world

- Reasonable tuition fee with specific scholarships available only for GLA students

- On-campus dormitory provides most favorable conditions for GLA students

- Time-saving: after 4 years students will graduate with 2 bachelor’s degrees from leading universities in Australia and Japan.

English-medium Undergraduate Program


Application Periods

College of Global Liberal Arts

Dual degree program with the Australian National University


April, 2025

 Aug. 21, 2024– Sep. 10, 2024

September, 2025

① Oct. 2, 2024– Oct. 22, 2024

 Dec. 4, 2024– Jan. 14, 2025

 Feb. 12, 2025– Mar. 4, 2025

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