Ritsumeikan University Research Report “RADIANT” #2 Living with a Disaster

Special Feature: Living with a Disaster

While living our lives, it is difficult, of course, to avoid natural disasters.This is the simple truth.

However, can we anticipate disasters without averting our eyes from this fact? What are effective methods for disaster prevention and mitigation? Should a disaster occur, how can we respond to it as quickly as possible and without too much confusion? Following a disaster, how can we stay together and continue to discuss things? We are searching for the answers to these very questions.

RADIANT is an adjective that means to "shed light" or "shine brightly." We used this meaning so that the research results of Ritsumeikan University can be a step towards create a bright future and help to shed light upon the world in the future.

Protecting historical city from disaster with cultural tradition and life

Being a witness to disaster and restoration 10-year project of human services

Earthquake Disaster Recovery Continues

How should we live alongside disasters?The View from an "Ars Vivendi" stance

Robust, durable mechanical robots with a seemingly unsophisticated appearance that are capable of fulfilling their potential at disaster sites

Visiting humanity's "negative heritage" to grieve and pray

Can hundreds of thousands of tourists be safely evacuated from the tourist city of Kyoto?

Where are the safe places to evacuate to?

Disaster prevention system for the safe evacuation of people in urban underground spaces where positioning is difficult

Disaster prevention through the establishment of trust relationships, studied based on the perspective of accounting


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